Thursday, January 3, 2013

A little decorating & nail polish steal

In response to my previous post - the article linked is not intended to scare bloggers.  I think it is important that as bloggers we are aware of the possible repercussions of blogging.  I also think it is importants for bloggers to be informed.  This is going to change my style of blogging, in my opinion for the better, the content will be more original and uniquely mine.  You will still see some pictures that are not mine - but I will be making for damn sure I am not violating copyright by including them on my blog.  For example the picture of nail polish below is directly from Zoya's Pinterest board.

Now that is officially the New Year, I have packed away my Christmas decorations.  I didn't feel like I bought a lot of new Christmas decorations - however the three plastic containers I had to purchase from Target to store everything in say otherwise.  I will admit I do suffer from a bit of post Christmas blues.  I was not thrilled to see lawn chairs where Christmas trees were at Target, however I am not a fan of the clutter Christmas decorations sometimes bring.  I am in the mood to purge and taking complete advantage of it right now.  I've also been rearranging and doing some decorating.

Since my brother and I have been living in my parent's old house I haven't done much with my mantle. It drove me nuts, my brother is twenty two and could care less.  He would probably would think it was great if I decorated it with bottles of beer.  I avoided dealing with it by decorating it with seasonal decor for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas.  That bought me a good three months.  When I took down the garland this is what I was dealing with.

So I took a little trip to Homegoods and Hobby Lobby to remedy the situation.

Not a total betty but a vast improvement... name that movie.

While I was at Hobby Lobby I also snatched up some burlap - which is half off this week.  I say snatched because I was beginning to believe my Hobby Lobby actually didn't actually carry burlap because every time I went there they never had any.  Apparently I live in a very crafty area.  I don't even know what I am going to do with it yet - but I bought it because it was there.

If you like a steal of deal keep reading ...

I know most bloggers are hoarders of nail polish, myself included.  Zoya has an almost too good to be true promotion coming up.   Go here to get the details.

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  1. I wish I was a nail polish junkie, unfortunately I just cant sit still long enough for them to dry. But I also hate my unpolished nails. Ah well, I want some burlap now! I've never been to hobby lobby but my girlfriend keeps telling me I need to go...and now...I think she's right!

  2. Is Zoya one of the "natural" nail polish brands? I think I've heard of it... I'm a momma of two little ones, never much wear polish, because I'm afraid of it chipping (not just because of aesthetic reasons, but because of how my fingers are sometimes used as teething rings)!

  3. The mantle decor is gorgeous. I love that pic. It looks really nice. I WISH I had the patience and desire to do my nails!


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