Friday, July 26, 2013

How I Use My Beauty Blender

A couple months ago I purchased a Beauty Blender sponge.  I was hesitant to purchase it when I began to hear about it because to be honest between a traditional foundation brush, a kabuki brush, and duo-fiber brush I wasn't sure it was necessary to add to that mix.  However, it is hard to ignore all the hype and positive feedback the Beauty Blender was receiving so I purchased one.  I know there are quite a few more affordable dupes out there but I wanted to try the real thing to see what exactly all the hype was about.

My first impression using the Beauty Blender was mixed.  I loved the flawless finish it gave, but felt despite following the directions and making sure the sponge was damp it still absorbed a lot of my foundation.  I was having to use more foundation to get my desired light to medium coverage than with other methods of applying foundation.  That was a deal breaker for me because I spent a pretty penny on my foundation, but I still loved the flawless finish of the Beauty Blender better than any other method of applying foundation.  I found a routine that allows me to get the flawless finish with the Beauty Blender, without using extra foundation.

Foundation Application

1.  Using my foundation of choice, currently MAC Studio Sculpt, I apply the foundation with a traditional foundation brush (MAC 193).  
2.  Then using my damp Beauty Blender I blend my foundation so there are no imperfections from the foundation brush and it is applied evenly across my face - thus getting the flawless finish I love from the Beauty Blender.
This extra step takes very little time and gives me the desired finish for my foundation without using extra foundation in the process.

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