Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Story of My Life {in 250 words or less}

I was born September 21, 1986 in Southern California.  That year it was the first day of fall so I consider myself a fall baby, even though some years it is the last day of summer.  Four years later my younger brother was born and to this day he is my best friend.  We live and work together.  Shortly after my brother was born we moved to Northern California where I learned to love football and the San Francisco 49ers.  When I was in middle school we moved to Columbus, Georgia where I learned that college football is more important than pro football and picked up my love for Alabama.  I also learned that tea is best served sweet, and y’all may not be in the dictionary but it is most certainly a word.  When I was in high school we moved back to Southern California.  I graduated high school in 2004 and moved to San Diego to attend San Diego State University.  I loved living in San Diego and I loved the independence.  I graduated college in 2009 with my bachelor’s in elementary education (liberal studies) and received my teaching credential in 2010.  Finding a full time teaching job isn’t the easiest right now so I substitute as much as I can, serve tables at night, and am currently looking for a full-time job until there are more teaching opportunities.  My favorite song is Sweet Home Alabama and I prefer whiskey on the rocks over wine. Roll Tide Roll! 
{I had three words left – so I had to throw that in}

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  1. I love these posts! I'm not doing this challenge but I might have to do this post. I'm jealous of all the southern stuff. I'm a New Yorker so it always fascinates me :)

  2. Yay SoCal! But I lived in Norcal for a while too!


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