Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 3: Things That Make You Uncomfortable

Things That Make Me Uncomfortable:

Guys at Victoria's Secret.  It makes it very awkward when you are shopping for panties.

Having to tell a table their credit card was declined.

When I am standing in line to check out and the people behind me are in my personal space.  Get off me!

When I am shopping and polietely say excuse me to go down an aisle and the person does not move.

When people are talking loudly so you can hear their entire conversation.

When someone is talking on their cell phone in a public bathroom.

Wet hair on the back of my shirt.

Not wearing a bra - I cannot do it.

Going on a water ride and getting soaking wet - I did it once and was wearing jeans and was so uncomfortable the rest of the day I now have an aversion to water rides.

When you are at a sporting event and have to say excuse twelve times just to leave your row to go get a drink or use the restroom.


  1. Hahaha my friend went to dland last night and got soaked on water rides then was cold and sloshing around in her wet clothes all night!

  2. all of those are good ones. My mom had a stupid bank, I have no clue why she hasn't switched. They always put her money in her wrong account, so when we go to the store it will decline. It is so embarrassing.

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